Who I am

A tee-totaler back in the days I lived in the UK, I started working in the wine industry in 2004 when I landed a job organizing Vinitaly in Asia whilst living in Italy. During that experience I developed a passion for wine and loved exploring markets as diverse as China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, UK and USA.  After seven years I moved to Belgium and used that knowledge and network to start my own business.

During the 2 years I lived in Brussels, I organised events in Belgium and the Netherlands for consortiums and associations such as Federdoc, Consorzio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vino. I also started working with various regional bodies, consortiums, wine competitions and trade fairs such as Vinitaly, TUWI, International Competition of Wines for Fish, Consorzio dei Vini Abruzzesi and Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini selecting and accompanying press and trade on trips to discover the vineyards and faces behind the labels.

In January 2013, along with two of Belgium’s leading personalities in the wine business, I created the Wine Business Innovation Summit, an event dedicated to showcasing innovation in the wine industry where dynamic entrepreneurs could meet to share experiences and ideas and create new projects. The second edition was held in Munich in January 2014.  

Since March 2013 I have lived in Munich, also known as Italy’s northern-most city. When I’m not travelling, I organise trade and press tastings for wineries looking to expand in one of Germany’s most interesting markets and regularly organize events for winelovers.