Wine Tastings in Munich for Professionals

Large room with a stage on which wineries are serving their wines. There's a gold backdrop with an old tapestry and a black archway over the stage

Large-scale and focused events in Munich aimed at brand building

Are you a consortium or regional body with funds available to promote the uniqueness of your region and help your associate wineries reach new commercial partners to increase their brand exposure and further their sales in Germany’s main market for Italian wines?

We work with you to determine the objectives of the event and create a programme to achieve them. We select venues that correspond to your brand image and look after all aspects of your event from the beginning to the end.

Since starting our trade events in 2015, we have created an up-to-date database of over 1000 wine professionals in Munich and Bavaria covering importers, distributors, retailers, press, sommeliers, influencers, and gastronomy as well as solid relationships with a selection of suppliers of various services.

We look after all aspects of the event from location and supplier selection, staffing, printing, catering, invitations and promotions as well as follow-up. We also have vast experience of dealing with the bureaucracy required for the financing of EU-funded projects.

Stage of an events with people around drinking wine