Wine Events for Consumers in Munich

Looking to reach an audience of interested, engaged wine lovers?

As part of the trade events we organise, we also include a slot reserved for wine consumers. This is in the belief that there is no better way to grow the market than by getting the people who are actually drinking the wines involved.

Being an expat myself, I have grown a small but engaged community of wine lovers who are interested in knowing more about different regions and grapes. These events are primarily social moments but also of learning and exchange. The people who attend them are mainly expats but also locals who enjoy mixing with people with a different perspective.

I regularly organise events for this community including:

  • wine dinners
  • tastings in shops
  • events at wine bars
  • group visits to larger events

Besides the events, I also animate a facebook group called International Wine lovers in Munich.

For wineries I feel a strong bond to, I also organise wine-makers dinners in a private event location with a 4-course menu tailored to the wines. If you have wines available in Germany, and you know I am a fan, these are a perfect way to reach people with a high disposable income who love to discover high-quality wines.

Two women tasting wine together and smiling.

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