Online Events for Sommeliers and Wine Professionals

a glass of red wine sitting on a keyboard with a computer screen in the background. On the screen is a video call

Looking to reach a geographically dispersed audience effectively and efficiently?

We love online events because of the way they are able to bring people together effectively and efficiently without anyone having to be in the same place.

When the covid pandemic hit in 2020, we were one of the first agencies to start hosting online wine events. The first was an online wine-makers dinner to over 40 households across the EU which was featured on China Global Television Network as a way that businesses were adapting to the new conditions.

Since then we have also organised:

  • Online B2B meetings for different Italian regions involving buyers from across Germany
  • Online Masterclasses with wines where experts and wineries presented various aspects of a region and the wine-making. Participants received small sample bottles of wines that were used for the three sessions.
  • Online Tastings for Press and Trade hosted by local experts and involving the wineries which presented their own wines. These were open to Sommeliers, press and buyers in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.
  • Online cooking show where participants received a box of regional speciality food products and were shown how to prepare them by a well-known chef.
  • Virtual Tours for Sommeliers to experience wines around given themes involving wineries from different regions. We also dove into the food and culture of the regions to give them a full experience without them having to take a plane.

Whilst it might be back to “business as usual”, we believe that the format of online should not be forgotten because the benefits : flexible, cost-effective, efficient are still very-much relevant to today’s way of life especially

If you have an idea for an event – be in educational or commercial, drop us a line to see our ideas on implementation.