Mature markets regain their attractiveness

According to a new report published yesterday by the UK based wine industry think-tank, Wine Intelligence, in 2015 wine consumption will be driven by the markets of the developed world.

Assessing markets by criteria including sales trends and consumer attitudes and behavior then adding them to key economic measures, WI has come up with a ranking of the top markets for 2015. Four of the top five most attractive markets for wine in 2015 will be in the developed world, with the USA in pole position followed by Switzerland, Germany, and Canada. Despite last year’s dramatic decrease in wine imports in China caused by the government reduction in gifting (see my post on the Chinese market), China retains fifth place.

One interesting note for European markets is that Germany is showing increased attractiveness. A market with big brands and low prices, it seems the German consumers are slowly accepting to pay more for their wines and, after several years of decreasing consumption, market volumes appear to be holding steady.

According to the report, the UK remains an “Established” market under the model’s classification system but based on current trends this is expected to change to “Mature” next year as the recent pattern for volume consumption declines sets in.

In terms of developing markets, UAE made its first appearance in the top 50 following the development of tourism to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and neighbouring Oman.

As Wine Intelligence CEO summed up “some of the mature markets which were looking unattractive a couple of years ago thanks to recession and exchange rates have become more interesting again, while the emerging markets have not come on as fast as perhaps their behaviour was suggesting”.