Consultancy and Brainstorming for Wineries

Fresh eyes and another brain for wineries that feel stuck

I’ve been working in wine since 2004 and throughout the years have met many produces who are new to the industry. It might be because they wanted to realise a dream, they inherited vineyards from a family member, or just because they decided to take the plunge and commercialise wine themselves rather than selling to a cooperative.

Very often sometime down the line they start feeling stuck because there is so much to do and because it’s hard launching a wine brand in today’s saturated markets. If you’re a winery owner and you’re finding that you seem to be stuck with sales not growing, sign up to one of the packages below and let’s have a brainstorm to get clear on your strategy and market approach.

  1. Pick My Brain Strategy Session

If you’re a winery that feels overwhelmed and unsure of where to go next in terms of the best places to invest your energy, this is the package for you. You can pick my brains on everything related to the wine industry in the markets that I’m particularly familiar with. If you have any knowledge gaps with regards particular markets and aspects of selling wine, I can help to fill them in as well as be a sound board for your ideas of how to go forward.

How it works:

  • we fix and appointment either in person (Munich, Italy or at one of the trade fairs) or on zoom
  • you send me your list of pain points prior to the session : where are you stuck? what are you finding difficulty in?
  • we have a 75-minute session to answer your questions and any others that come out of it
  • I send you the outline of what was discussed along with ideas, pointers, contacts and references I think may be useful for you.

Cost : 500 euro

2. Branding and Communication Audit

If you feel like you’re not getting the results because something isn’t quite right in the way you communicate, this is the package for you.

We look at :

  • your labels, your website, you communication style and see how harmonious they all are.
  • your english translations and highlight any terms and phrases which may be spoiling the effect you want to achieve
  • materials you have produced to see what information may be superfluous or missing
  • the flow of your website
  • your social media channels and how effective they are

Then we discuss everything in a 45 minute call via Zoom or in person where we work through the sticking points together as well as providing ideas on actionable measures you can take to improve the efficiency of your communication channels.

Cost 500 euro