Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico crowns first Chianti Classico Ambassador in Germany

Giovanni Manetti shaking hands with Sebastian Wöll, Germany's first Chianti Classico Ambassador

On Wednesday 23rd June, Consorzio vino Chianti Classico named Sebastian Wöll of Feinkost Käfer in Münich as Ambassador of Germany after a three-stage competition to demonstrate depth of knowledge and communication skills.  

In September 2020, wine professionals from across Germany, were invited to participate in an online exam to assess their knowledge of the Chianti Classico region and its wines. The eight highest-scorers were invited to attend the in-person final on 23rd June to undergo a blind tasting exam judged by Chianti Classico ad honorem ambassador Jens Priewe, Chianti Classico expert, Steffen Maus and President of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, Giovanni Manetti. 

After having assessed four wines blind, the three highest-scorers, Domenico Durante, Andrea Vestri and Sebastian Wöll were invited to the final assessment: an oral exam to evaluate their expertise knowledge of the area and capacity to communicate their passion and enthusiasm for the region. 

The judges, together with Giovanni Manetti, President of Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, announced that Sebastian Wöll was crowned the first Ambassador of Chianti Classico in Germany during a gala dinner held at one of Munich’s Michelin-starred restaurant Der Schwarzreiter. 

Giovanni Manetti shaking hands with Sebastian Wöll, Germany's first Chianti Classico Ambassador

(Credits : Abbie Louise Photo) 

As Chianti Classico Ambassador, Sebastian Wöll will spend a week in Tuscany in 2022 to attend the Chianti Classico Collection event held in Florence and meet some of the consortium’s 500+ member producers. Sebastian said, “Chianti Classico is inspiring in many ways. The beautiful landscapes, the long history and its dedicated winegrowers characterise the growing area and produce excellent wines that reflect a unique terroir. Sangiovese is the absolute king to express this terroir: elegance, freshness and complexity are just some of its attributes. Depending on where in Chianti Classico it grows, it expresses itself differently. Discovering and exploring these subtleties and nuances is fascinating and will continue to be the special charm of Chianti Classico.” He will also receive support from the Consortium to carry out educational activities on the German market.

“Please join us in congratulating Sebastian Wöll as Chianti Classico’s first Ambassador in Germany – added Giovanni Manetti, Consorzio President – We are so grateful to all the qualified professionals who participated in this competition for their commitment to studying and promoting the region and the wines of Chianti Classico.”

Something about Sebastien Wöll 

Sebastian Wöll returned to his hometown of Munich in 2019 after years of experience in the international wine trade. He is currently responsible for the wine portfolio for one of Munich’s leading retailers: Feinkost Käfer, whose brand, founded in 1930, operates several delicatessen shops, restaurants and catering businesses. In addition to his passion for the wine business, Sebastian has attended several wine training programmes. After completing his Master in International Vintage, he obtained his WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Diploma and also became an Italian Wine Ambassador of the Vinitaly International Academy (VIA). Sebastian has also participated as a judge in several competitions and is himself an educator, as he holds both the WSET and Italian Wine Educator certificates. Besides wine, Sebastian has an interest in foreign languages and speaks German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Chianti Classico Ambassador Competition 

The Chianti Classico Ambassador Competition was created in 2017 as a way of identifying and rewarding wine professionals passionate about the Chianti Classico region in key market across the world. Ambassadors become a reference point for the consortium and its member wineries on the given market.

Sebastien Wöll joins the following Chianti Classico Ambassadors : Canada / Ontario Steven Robinson, Canada / Quebec: Kler-Yann Bouteiller, Canada / British Columbia: Jason Yamasaki, USA: Michael Klinger.

About Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico

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